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How To Clean Your Plastic

Alright, so you just received your Wonderful Waste recycling bin. Now what?

First step - clean your plastic! Here's our guide on how to optimally clean your plastic so you can save money and save us time with processing your recycling.


How should I clean my plastic?

We recommend running the plastic under hot water to get the tough grease, stains, and other things off as best as possible. Then scrubbing it with some soap and a sponge.

If there is a sticker on your plastic container please remove it before placing it in our bin. Usually they can just be peeled off, but for those stubborn stickers you can simply scrub it with some soap and a sponge to remove the debris. 


How clean does it need to be?

We'll be honest with you - it needs to be pretty clean but clean is a subjective term here. It doesn't have to be 100% perfect, because, hey, we get it. Spaghetti sauce tends to stick no matter what type of plastic it gets in. 

All that matters is that you try your best! See our diagram below of what we consider not clean vs clean:


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