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The journey of Wonderful Waste began in 2021 when our Founder's partner, Myranda, sent him a video about recycling face masks by Precious Plastic late one night. This created the spark to bring a global movement for better, more effective, and more accessible plastic recycling to our hometown of Denver, Colorado.
Having been members of the Denver community since our childhoods we felt the need to close the loop on plastic recycling at the local level. To put it simply, Wonderful Waste collects unwanted plastic waste from local households and businesses. We bring transparency to the industry by providing a report on the collected plastic and what's been recycled. Then we repurpose that recycled plastic into useful goods.
This means less waste in our landfills. More locally produced goods. And most importantly, a happier planet.
We aim to help members in our community to rethink and reimagine their own plastic waste through education and getting involved with our mission to renew waste into something beautiful.
Because waste is only waste, if it's wasted.

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