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Frequently Asked Questions


We ask that you pre-clean your plastic before placing it in our bin. Why? Because this simple action helps recycling facilities like us to be able to recycle your plastic. Plus it saves you money on our recycling plans!

Don't know where to get started on how to clean your plastic? Read our guide!

Plastic! To put it simply, we specialize in plastic recycling. You can find all the categories of plastic we accept in our plastic recycling guide

As of now we only take plastic for recycling. We have long term plans to add cardboard (including soiled!) and aluminium pickups.

No, we do not take compost.

Simply head to our sign up page!

For monthly subscription plans, yes you can cancel at any time. Annual plans are non refundable.

This is our current service area, but we evaluate each sign-up and will approve those who are within a reasonable distance.

If you didn't find your answer or still need help then please contact us at

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